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    The Attractions in Sussex County, NJ 

    Attractions in Sussex County

    The Attractions in Sussex County, NJ

    If you are looking for an ideal place to visit in New Jersey with your family or friends, consider Sussex County, one of the most attractive destinations in the state.The rural countryside of the northwest NJ is a great place to escape with your entourage, forget the hectic days, and just chill. The good thing is that it only takes 90 minutes to reach there from New York City.

    So, book your New Jersey Limo now and find tons of attractions in Sussex County!

    The travelers who visit Sussex County have been surprised with the tons of attractions the country offers. From the outdoors to the fine dining experience, you can get all types of attraction there.

    Shoppers are favored by the choices of the unique and antique shops as well as distinct boutiques. That’s why many girls want to spend more time in this county. Plus, foodies can also find their best place here. You will be wowed with the fresh ingredients offered by the markets, or high-end restaurants for the fine dining experience, and even the vineyards which are the connoisseur’s heaven.

    This county is much prevalent for any type of traveler whether they are singles, couples, or families. There are tons of things to do that you can add to your itinerary. So, before booking your New Jersey Limo, make sure you take some note of the places you want to visit in Sussex County.

    One of the most interesting places in High Point State Park. It is the highest point in the New Jersey. It is the haven of the outdoor fans who enjoy the cabin camping, boating, picnicking, hiking, and swimming.

    If you are not up to outdoor, Sterling Hill Mining Museum and Tour can be a great destination for you and your family. The mine offers tons of minerals and fluorescent gems which are marvelous to see. The underground mine is now open for tourism purpose. Don’t forget to bring your camera to snap some pictures. The site is secured by National Historic Registry. After you and your family are directed to the tour of the museum, you will be amazed at the place called Ellis Astronomical Observatory. It is an educational tour which will make your kids happy and want to visit Sussex County again. The sky conditions in the New Jersey are perfect for all the telescope users to view the celestial forms. Use this experience to create a memory with your kids. They’ll love it.


    You’ll also find interesting places to eat in Sussex County. Don’t hesitate to book your New Jersey Limo now.

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